David Moriya

With a bachelor’s in Film Production and Screenwriting, California native David Moriya moved to New York in pursuit of making independent films, but found a passion in photography.

After a European tour with Alicia Keys, David created Rogue Photo, a nonprofit photo agency. He now pursues a career in screenwriting activism through narrative storytelling.

Rogue Photo

Rogue Photo is a nonprofit for photojournalist documenting protests around the country. Connecting them with their local nonprofit organizations, Rogue Photo aims to create jobs for photographers and start them on a career path that allows photographers to make a living off their art. Currently dedicated to political protests and demonstrations, Rogue Photo will also expand to other industries as not every photographer or artist wants to do political journalism. 


Backstage Pass

After my time with Alicia Keys, I continued as a personal photographer for musician and artists. When I hear a great band and have the most positive and energetic experience listening to them, my first instinct is to shoot. I’ll leave my friends in the crowd to photograph my the best unheard bands of the present.  I’ve lost count of how many bands I’ve shot for, but I’ll tell you this, the music scene is alive and well in Brooklyn.

You’ll see me duck for the audience, lay on the ground, climb poles, and jump on stage. I have no shame in doing my job because it’s what I love to do.



Brooklyn, NY