David Moriya

A fifth generation Japanese-American, David is a California native activist, filmmaker and photographer. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY his focus combines the strategies and tactics of radical activism with art to empower voices of underrepresented communities. David’s current screenwriting project is a historical drama series while also promoting the resurgence of Yellow Power, Yellow Pride, Yellow Love and Yellow is Beautiful.

Yellow Power

The Asian-American Movement was/is a political awakening for young activists wrestling with stereotypes and questions of identity, caught between the myth of the American Dream and the reality that it was not meant for people who looked like them, angry at the historical degradations their parents and grandparents had been forced to endure. Embracing their Asian American identity as a source of power and pride, they soon channeled those frustrations into concrete action.

Although the Asian-American Movement was most prominent in the 1960’s up through the 1980’s, as a Gosei (5th generation) Japanese-American, David encourages this current generations of Asian-Americans to speak out against racism and embrace their cultural identity. All people of color should have the right to self-determination without the model of white supremacy.

Rogue Photo

Rogue Photo is a nonprofit agency for photojournalist documenting nonprofit organizations around the country. Connecting photographers with their local nonprofit organizations, Rogue Photo aims to create jobs for photographers and start them on a career path that allows photographers to make a living off their art. Currently dedicated to political protests and demonstrations, Rogue Photo will also expand to other industries, such as the arts.




Brooklyn, NY