Grew up in California until I was just over 22 with a loving family who I care for and miss every day. Majored in Film production, had a few laughs, cried a few tears, made my childhood mistakes, loved a few times, and then left it all behind. California isn’t for me.

Today, I live in Brooklyn. Started out my career here in Times Square as a video editor/assistant. Having studied film, I was still determined to be a filmmaker. I made 19 films in 2016. 18 of them spending less than $100 on production. I still have projects I want to accomplish, but it’s on my time, when and when I know it’s worth the endeavor. 

Film is on hold for the time being.


One of my favorite past times is to just wander the streets and shoot around while learning about the city I live in. I don’t give myself that chance as often anymore, but I try when I can. 

After about 4 months of teaching myself photography in the street, I was picked up by Alicia Keys to be her personal photographer while promoting her next album, HERE. Touring with her around Europe, she and her team took a huge chance on me. I am very thankful for all the lessons they taught me and all the mistakes they forgave while I learned how to work in the professional world. 

January 20, 2017. A day we all knew where we were when it happened. I was in my room at my desk. I don’t remember what I was working on because my eyes were glued to the screen. President Donald J. Trump was inaugurated that morning. 

The next day, hundreds of thousands marched in their respective cities for the Women's March. I had canceled my flight to LA for a film festival, knowing I had to be in my city for this. I may not have been birthed here, I may not have grown up here, but I was born here. Grabbing my camera, I flew out the door and into the city. It was an amazing feeling like I had never felt before. Coming home with thousands of pics, I eventually narrowed it down to 500 solid photos. It hit me. What was I to do with these? Hundreds of photos would be wasted if I never get published or only put 3 up on Instagram. A lost opportunity. 


Rogue Photo

Originally named the Resistance Photography Project, Rogue Photo is a nonprofit for photojournalist documenting protests around the country. Connecting them with their local nonprofit organizations, Rogue Photo aims to create jobs for photographers and start them on a career path that allows photographers to make a living off their art. Currently dedicated to political protests and demonstrations, Rogue Photo will also expand to other industries as not every photographer wants to do political journalism. 


Backstage Pass

After my time with Alicia Keys, I wanted to stay in the same realm of photography; personal photographer for musician and artists. I love music, but like most people, I only love music that I like to listen to. So when I hear a great band and have the most positive and energetic experience listening to them, my first instinct is to shoot. I’ll leave my friends in the crowd to photograph my the best unheard bands of the present.  I’ve lost count of how many bands I’ve shot for, but I’ll tell you this, the music scene is alive and well in Brooklyn.


You’ll see me duck for the audience, lay on the ground, climb poles, and jump on stage. I have no shame in doing my job because it’s what I love to do.



Brooklyn, NY

+1 929 255 4623